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Clown Academy

a one-of-a-kind Training in the serious business
of compassionate medical clowning

Uniquely combining creativity, self-expression, chesed and professional medical clown training, Lev Leytzan's Clown Academy (the only one of its kind in the Jewish community) teaches the specialized skills and techniques needed to provide and humor through medical clowning in hospitals, homes, and medical facilities.

Participants aged learn about the physical, psychological, and emotional aspects of clowning from top experts in the industry, bolstered by a professional curriculum and many hours of supervision.

Our medical clowns are prepared to cope with emotionally challenging situations, such as interacting with patients who live in pain or extreme poverty, have life-threatening illnesses, or are coping with dementia or other mental illnesses. Participants are taught the skills for engaging with those experiencing these emotionally intense situations in a healthy way allowing them to still remain fully open, loving, and playful when interacting with patients.

It’s a beautiful thing they do, bringing joy to the patients and their families.
— Michelle Silvestri, supervisor of the department of therapeutic recreation Nassau County Medical Center.

The rigors of Lev Leytzan's Clown Academy program require a tremendous commitment from participants. However, once they've completed the program, not only have they learned how to bring laughter into the lives of those who need it most, but they have also learned valuable physical, psychological, and emotional skills that enrich their own life experiences.

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