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To some, costume makeup, rubber noses and silly hats are just play things. But when these very items are placed into the adept and skillful hands of Lev Leytzan medical clowns, these objects become more than just an accessory, they transform into powerful remedial tools in an effort to mend and heal emotional, physical, and mental trauma.
— Dr. Neal C. Goldberg, Founder, Lev Leytzan

Therapeutic Clowning is a great way to bring cheer and friendship to those who are going through difficult times. It’s a great way to just have fun, be crazy and experience new things all while using this energy for a great cause.
— Talya English

One time while doing rounds at a hospital, we spent some time with a patient and family. We were all having a great time and the room was filled with laughter as we played music on our instruments. As I watched the mother looking on at her smiling child, I noticed her expression slowly shifted from happy and cheerful to being on the verge of tears. I couldn’t possibly know what she and her family were going through, but I knew that what we were doing was something that was impacting her family’s lives in a positive way.
— Sam Cohen