Frequently Asked Questions


What is "serious clowning"?

The major distinguishing characteristic of Serious Clowning™ is that it is not “performance based.” In other words, Medical Clowns are not birthday clowns. Medical Clowning requires clowns to operate in serious environments (i.e. hospitals), and members of the Lev Leytzan Troupe conduct individual interactions with patients.

How can I join Lev Leytzan as a medical clown?

Recruitment for high-school clowning typically takes place in the Fall. The process involves attendance at an open house, followed by an interview. (To receive information about the next open house, fill out the interest form here)

Is prior experience necessary to get trained as a clown?

No. Our program provides the necessary training to be an effective medical clown. During the interview process, we’ll discuss what is expected of you and what you’ll encounter as a Lev Leytzan clown to determine that it’s a mutual fit.

Is there a cost to participate?

To help offset the fees for your professional training from industry experts, there is an annual enrollment fee. However, there are no additional costs to participate.

Do you offer scholarships?

Yes. Please contact us for scholarship information.

Are there other opportunities to volunteer if I'm not interested in clowning?

Yes! Depending on the time of year and activities that are scheduled, we can always benefit from those that would like to be involved in administrative, scheduling, event planning, or related activities. We are especially interested in those who are interested in outreach projects. Please fill out the volunteer interest form and let us know how you'd like to get involved.