Special Projects

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The Pediatric Hospice Fund is established In memory of Rafi (Rephoel Nosson) Martin A”H, son of long-time, integral Lev Leytzaner Aron (and Lisa) Martin who was tragically niftar suddenly in his infancy. Rafi was an extremely happy, giggly and playful baby who radiated with happiness which he shared with everyone that he encountered. The Pediatric Hospice Fund will allow us to connect with children living their last days in hospice care and keep Rafi’s cherished memory alive.


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Robbie delivered joy where sadness reigned.   He delivered food where cupboards were bare.  He delivered toys where children’s arms were empty.  He delivered tenderness where turmoil dominated.

Robbie Schonfeld’s life comprised of one delivery after another of gifts of compassion.  To honor his life, the Robbie’s Wish Fund will continue to make deliveries for the homebound or hospitalized.



Our Making Brachos and Wishes program is donated by the Liebhard family to honor the memory of their matriach and patriach Joseph and Gail Klein a'h.  The program allows Lev Letyzan to grant wishes to selected families throughout the year.  This program is run by Beth Friedlander, MS.Ed., L.M.S.W.