Photo Permissions

Non-commercial Use

LevLeytzan normally grants permission for use of photos in a non-commercial manner as long as the following guidelines are observed:

  • A request has been pre-approved — please contact us with your request for permission.
  • Credit is given to the respective author.
  • The URL to the web site is included.
  • Photos may not be used as part of an archive of photos. They may only be used as part of your current project, website or publication.
  • Under no condition may the pictures be used to promote or be associated with any form of advertising and/or inappropriate, immoral or illegal content.
  • LevLeytzan reserves the right to change this notice at any time.
  • LevLeytzan reserves the right to deny usage of the images to individual persons or entities if we deem such usage not to be in the best interests of LevLeytzan or its partner sites.

Commercial Use of Photos

For commercial use of photos, please send in a request from the contact us page and specify how the photos will be used. Under most conditions, your request will be granted, although a fee may be involved.